Welcome to Coffin Creek Angus

Coffin Creek is situated 15 kms north east of Mudgee on the central tablelands of NSW.

Made up of two blocks totaling around 2600 hectares of predominantly yellow podzolic soils with shale and quartz ridges.Heavily timbered and hilly country takes up around 25% of the whole farm. The rest is undulating to creek flats. Rainfall averages are around 650 to 700mms per year with a recent high of 1300 and low of 350mms in the span of a decade.Temperatures can also vary greatly. Variable conditions indeed.

We run a cow herd of around 250 breeders and a superfine ewe flock of 300 ewes. With a philosophy of never losing ground cover and not supplementing animals through dry seasons, this stocking density is where we feel most happy…..way under the district average but still productive and profitable.

It is very important to us that there is room for all the various wildlife that also choose to live here. Most of the steep and timbered country is shut up especially as sanctuary for a variety of kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas and goannas, plus the countless ferals. It is a never ending menagerie migrating across the valleys.

This landscape also seems to include more and more plants and people as the world fills up. This tends to make us focus on setting up various cells of controlled activity bordered by buffer zones where evolution is hard at work.







The Coffin Creek herd is bred to keep pace with this evolution. They are grazed on whatever will grow at the time, not what is planted for their own specific needs. This ability to rapidly change their stomach function is the key to their ability to thrive most of the time. It is usually pilot error that jeopardises that well being. This also seems to be the case with disease in the herd. Stress is the key driver of all ill health. We encourage the development of strong immune systems by not vaccinating against a myriad of things but rather that nature work its own magic, leaving our animals with the inherent ability to cope, flourish and multiply.

Coffin Creek is a family run enterprise that looks to the future with optimism, and a commitment to ensuring a sustainable healthy environment for many generations to come.

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Coffin Creek's
3rd Annual Bull Sale
1pm Friday 22nd
August 2014
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